$100 Special

This is the best deal I have to offer. Come to my office with a $100 bill grasped in your hand, and I will take that $100 bill and sit down with you until we are both tired of talking to each other – and I can pretty much guarantee that you will get tired of hearing me before I get tired of hearing you. This is ideal for folk who are just starting their own business or thinking about it. I have been running my own business for over 37 years, and I have helped and guided many, many successful entrepreneurs. Since I have been both a real estate investor and a student of real estate investing, I can provide useful real estate investing advice. Too often real estate investors are unwilling to invest in time with a lawyer until they have already stepped into something sticky. It’s useful to talk to a lawyer before you do something you haven’t done before. With 50 years of practice under my belt, I know where the land mines are buried and how to avoid them.

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