Rates for Ordinary People, Small Businesses and Real Estate Investors

$50 Special: For fifty bucks, I will review any document you have and tell you whether it’s safe for you to sign or to give to someone to sign. My most common advice: Don’t to do business with the person who gave you that document. Most I ever saved someone by giving that advice: $200,000.
$100 Special: General consultation on your business or a specific problem; goes on until we are tired of listening to each other. Must come with a $100 bill in your hands.
The Following Rates Do Not Include Filing Fees and Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses:
Non-litigation-related services Normally $100/hour
Litigation-related services Normally $150/hour
Creation of LLC1 $500
Creation of Asset Protection LLC1 $1000
Eviction of Tenant $500
Eviction of Former Owner after Foreclosure $850
Residential Mortgage Foreclosure $850
Bankruptcy Appearance for Creditor and Assistance On Proof of Claim $750
Motion to Lift Stay In Bankruptcy (rate depends on court & complexity) as low as $1000

1. Only available to those who have taken the $100 special

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